Your Reliable Insurance Agency in Texas

Established in 1992 by Charlotte and Mike Miles, The Sam Houston Insurance Agency has solidified its position as a leading and reliable insurance agency in Texas. In 2008, Kenneth and Kristy Starr took ownership of the agency, relocating it from Conroe to Madisonville.

Ken, a licensed adjuster and property and casualty insurance agent, boasts extensive experience in the construction field, while Kristy's upbringing in a family-owned construction business has equipped her with invaluable insights.

Motivated by their collective background in business ownership, construction, and insurance claims, Ken and Kristy are dedicated to elevating the level of service and maintaining unwavering integrity in the commercial insurance industry. Learn all about the people behind our reliable insurance agency.

Sarah Garrett

Sarah Garrett is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent who brought her self-employment experience to our commercial insurance agency in October 2008. While she started as an agent, her exceptional skills and dedication led her to assume the role of general manager, overseeing agency operations and accounting.

Sarah's extensive knowledge in the trucking industry, paired with her commitment to compliance, has earned her the designation of a trucking specialist.

Moshekia Sanches

Moshekia Sanches, a licensed property and casualty insurance agent, became a valuable addition to our team in November 2021, bringing her exceptional customer care and communication skills from the healthcare field. With a focus on building strong relationships, Moshekia is dedicated to serving both new and existing clients.

As a Junior Agent II, she is adept at quoting all lines of commercial insurance, further solidifying our reputation as a reliable insurance agency.

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith joined our team in January 2023, bringing with her a diverse skill set and over 15 years of customer service experience. Jessica has knowledge of the trucking industry and other types of commercial businesses, and she has taken an active role in the management of these businesses.

Jessica obtained her Property & Casualty license in early 2023. As a Junior Agent II, she is adept at quoting all lines of commercial insurance, further solidifying our reputation as a reliable insurance agency. She can assist our clients with all of their needs!

Terri Langley

Terri Langley wears multiple hats at our commercial insurance agency—she's not only our office manager but also a licensed property and casualty insurance agent. With a background as a commercial, over-the-road truck driver in Texas for four years, Terri understands the unique challenges faced by drivers firsthand.

Since joining our team in July 2012, she has effectively leveraged her prior experience as both a truck driver and commercial business owner to support our clients. Terri's primary focus lies in maintaining and cultivating client relationships, ensuring we provide tailored support as their businesses thrive. Terri has been designated as a trucking specialist and is well-versed in compliance.

Candice Hagan

Candice Hagan joined our team in March of 2021. With 20 years of customer service experience, she has dedicated herself to providing top-tier customer service and in-depth compliance knowledge. Candice obtained her property & casualty insurance license in 2022.

Candice is currently transitioning into quoting policy renewals for our clients. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation, rest assured that she is committed to providing you with complete peace of mind. Candice prides herself in being readily available to address your concerns, answer any questions, and provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs.